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Antonio Careena Jewellery L.L.C is a significant contribution to the industry that focuses more on manufacturing, diamond carving, and excellent client service on both local and international levels. The brand introduces customized design and jewelry refurbishment as a plus for leading business clients and customers seeking a unique personalization twist on the adornments they wear.

The Spark of Femininity

Antonio Careena showcases a distinctive taste in jewelry inspired by the many cultures and highlighted by Arabic and European styles. Our pristine quality and service know no bounds when it comes to the fascination and modernity of our designs.

Bespoke Icons

For the finest jewelry selection, we offer customization services of premium quality. We understand what our clients demand and expect, and based on that; we are open to personalized jewelry. We support your ideal choices and preserve you in every piece we create.

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Dubai Gold Souk, Deira, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates.